Servicing & Maintenance

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Servicing & Maintenance

At Kaneco, we believe that after sales commercial kitchen service is the key to our business and that we are only as good as our after sales service. For this reason we have put much time and effort into building our comprehensive and efficient commercial catering equipment service department.

Armed with an experienced management team, experienced factory trained engineers, a substantially stocked spare parts warehouse and fully equipped testing and repair workshop; we have everything we need to carry out an effective and speedy day to day service which covers preventative maintenance, full labour contracts, bespoke service contracts and all other aspects of service – all at an affordable price.

We also concentrate on the servicing of specialist items within the commercial kitchen environment such as grease traps, UV odour and grease control units, water softening products, AHU systems to name but a few.

Emergency service, after hours, weekend on call – At Kaneco we can make life easy for you when the problems arise. For further information on all the services we provide please contact us at or call: +353 1 4565070 to discuss further.


Service Contacts

Phone +353 1 456 5070

Fax +353 1 456 5250